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Why Now is the Time to Visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam

For the more intrepid at heart, there are plenty of nearby sights and attractions to keep you occupied. Soak up some culture in Ham Ninh Village; this traditional, working fishing village on the east coast was a highlight of my trip. Here, you can grab a cheap bite while watching the residents at work; it has a dazzling charm that’s impossible not to fall in love with. There are many shrines and pagodas dotted across Phu Quoc; Sung Hung Pagoda, built in the early 10th century, is one of the isla

Queer Eye’s Tan France: There aren’t enough stories like mine being told

Queer Eye was, of course, a runaway success. Fans fell in love with the five hosts, and it won three Emmys in 2018. A new-to-fame Tan was shocked to even be nominated: ‘I was like, "Oh that is so cute, but obviously it's not gonna win, we're a reality show, they don't win Emmys and we're a reboot - and a reboot has never won an Emmy"’. He recalls the moment he found out. ‘I cried my heart out because I was so blown away and it was so unexpected. I would never for a moment think that I would eve

You know you live in Walthamstow when...

To most Londoners, there’s a vague recognition that Walthamstow sits at the end Victoria line. But ask the residents and they’ll proudly tell you it’s most definitely at the start of the line. It may look way out yonder on an A-Z, but E17 is truly beloved by the people who live there. You know you live in Walthamstow when… Relish, jam, or protein-laced witchcraft? Walthamstow is the creator of this unusual yet cherished jam, fostered locally by the team behind Eat17 and the neighbouring 'world’

Top 5: City Farms in London

London is one of the most bustling, fast-paced and dynamic cities in the world. However in a city populated by over 8.6 million people, spanning 607 square miles - it’s often difficult to find a reprieve. But wait! It’s not always necessary to replicate the weekday commute to find that little breath of rural TLC we often crave, the answer is right on your doorstep. London has a plethora of city farms to choose from, boasting a vast array of livestock, home-grown food, cafes and activities for al